Tailored to you

Hazel takes a client-centered approach because every client has unique experiences, situations, and requirements.

She uses her own experience to generate an approach that works for you.

You might be:

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    Operating at a technical, operational or strategic level.

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    A General Manager, CEO, specialist, business owner, leader, new manager.

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    A business partner delivering through stakeholders.

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    Self-employed, from a small business, large organisation, not-for-profit

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    Experiencing a one-off problem, or needing to work through something more complex.


Coaching approach

Together, we look at your situation, we create solutions, which enable you to make progress.
Hazel's sessions are about:

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    A safe and confidential space where you can be yourself.

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    To really understand your current problem / dilemma / question / challenge.

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    What’s going on for you - your thoughts / concerns / ideas.

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    And challenging you to expand your thinking and uncover options.

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    You to develop solutions and actions, so you can decide how to move forward.

Coaching case studies

Read about some typical work-based coaching situations.


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